Lead Into Horses

Biscuits with Mr. Wisp

23 Pharast 4710: Travelled through Stumpclaw Hill to begin exploring hex to the west. Were led away from a rocky outcropping by what turned out to be a will o’wisp, who fought them for a while and then got bored. Finished exploring hex, naming it Radiant Rocks.
24 Pharast 4710: (K) Just before sunrise, a scrawny red kobold tried, poorly, to sneak into camp. She was greeted and welcomed by the cleric and the rest of the party. After repairing her clothing and feeding her, the group decided to call her Sizzle and she decided to tag along. Exploring the next hex to the west the group rediscovered the Bandit Camp (K). The camp had been re-inhabited by 4 bandits who, after a lengthy discussion, decided that they were unrepentant. In the resultant fight one was killed, one surrendered (Gerald), one was magically knocked unconscious (Edward, who surrendered upon regaining consciousness), and the fourth fled. Having gained two more indentured servants, the party ended their explorations for the day, naming the hex Shady Glade.
25 Pharast 4710: Again just before dawn, the party was awoken by some unnatural howling to the west. Gathering the troops, they set off to track down the source, discovering a werewolf. (To be continued next session)



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