Lead Into Horses

Frogs, Slurks, Bears and Boars

27th Pharast 4710 (I) Parting ways with Casey the party continued onto the next hex. Working on information given to them by Tyg and Pervalish, they went looking for the hot springs at the source of the Skunk River. Following the river north, they encountered a hunter named Conrad whom they entertained, and disturbed, with tales of Mee Maw Copperpot’s ideas about fertility and hot springs. After Conrad’s abrupt departure, the group continued on to the hot springs where they were set upon by a pair of giant frogs, which were quickly defeated. One was cooked and eaten for lunch and the other was tied up and kept unconscious. Kale-Sue was convinced she could tame the amphibian but was unsuccessful in her first attempt. The remainder of the day passed uneventfully, with much hot water relaxation. Hex was named Knee-Deep Spring.
28th Pharast 4710 Empty plains hex. Named Rabbit Hat.
29th Pharast 4710 Empty plains hex. Named Gossamer Hare.
30th Pharast 4710 Empty plains hex. Named Abundant Plain.
1st Gozran 4710 Empty forest hex. Named Good Copse.
2nd Gozran 4710 (N) In exploring the next forest hex, the party came across an ancient statue of Erastil, which felt a bit like home to Kale-Sue. After sprucing the place up a bit, they settled in for the night. Throughout the night a wolf was heard to howl nearby but it didn’t approach. Hex named Trapper’s Testament.
3rd Gozran 4710 (O) After a number of unsuccessful attempts to tame the giant frog, which all ended with Naveen knocking it back unconscious, Kale-Sue decided that was best if she set it free when they looped back around to the Skunk River. Further south down the river the group discovered a pair of ruined buildings. Upon further investigation Phin discovered a slurk who croaked and called over a boggard with a mangled hand, who spoke very broken Common and just wanted them to leave. They left the two of them alone, only returning to bring them breakfast the next morning. Named hex Fanged Beast Watery Ruins (in Celestial).
4th Gozran 4710 (P) The next forest hex proved to home to the notorious boar, Tuskgutter. After a tough battle they defeated the beast, roasted the meat and stowed to head to return for the reward. Later that night, a grizzly bear, attracted by the fire, lumbered into camp. After a long fight, Naveen hit it with a one-two combo straight to the temple and the bear dropped. Hex named Vekkel Benzen’s Revenge.



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