Lead Into Horses

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14th Desnus 4711 The group sought out and destroyed the malicious scythe tree that had been plaguing the southern forests.

15th Desnus 4711 They returned to the Grove of Tiressia to report on the death of the scythe tree. The dryad was delighted in their success and agreed to attempt to rehabilitate the crazy old man from the basement of the Stag Lord’s Fort. Later that day they returned to the pool of the nixie, Melianse, and replaced a number of the felled trees using the feather tokens obtained from Tiressia.

16th Desnus 4711 Continuing east, they came across a hermit living in a hollowed out oak tree with a cougar. Kale Sue decided to attempt to speak directly to the cat and quickly found out that the hermit was not in his right mind and intended to kill the party, as he had done to many others in the past. THe group took action and quickly subdued the old man. After some questioning, they discovered that this hermit may have a connection to Bokken. Unsure of how to tell with the hermit, they decided to bring the man to Bokken to find out more.

17th Desnus 4711 This day was spent transporting old men. First, the group received the druid form the Stag Lord’s Fort and delivered him to Tiressia. They had to keep him unconscious as the sight of the sky seemed to terrify him. The remainder of the day was spent in transporting the mad hermit to Bokken’s Hut. Bokken was visibly shaken by the sight of the hermit and tearfully told the party of the ills he and his mother had faced at the hands of the hermit, his brother. Moved by the tale, the group agreed to end both men’s suffering and execute the hermit for his crimes. Naveen distracted Jo from the execution, fearing that witnessing the act would further damage the cleric’s psyche.

18th Desnus 4711 Exhausted by their recent exploits, the party decided to return to their fledgling kingdom for some much needed rest. Unfortunately, rest would not come easily because upon returning to Fort Copperpot, they were informed of a number of recent, suspicious deaths. Investigations lead them to believe a werewolf was responsible. Fearing further attacks, the group quickly prepared for that night. After some tracking, they were able to find the culprit, a recently infected lycanthrope called Kundal. They were able to subdue him and the next morning were able to speak with him. They have decided to attempt cure him but currently lack both the supplies and the expertise. With the mystery solved, the group settled in for some kingdom building.

Desnus 4711 Built a jail/sanitorium at Fort Copperpot. Erected a Monument at Bella Fleur. Quelled a feud amongst the populace. Expanded their borders into the southern reaches of the Greenbelt.

Sarenith 4711 Built x2 Monuments at Bella Fleur. Withdrew money from the budget. Expanded borders further south.

Erastus 4711 Began construction on a Castle at the Stag Lord’s Fort with the intention of establishing a capital city to be named Endeavour there. Built a shrine to Groetus at Bella Fleur. Overall, a highly successful month (Outstanding Success).

19th Erastus 4711 Travelling east from their newly established capital city, the leaders encountered a warg heading up a pack of wolves. The party was triumphant and suspect that they have now put down a local menace called Howl-of-the-North-Wind.

20th Erastus 4711 Pushing yet further east, the group came to the area shown on the map they found in the tree home of the mad hermit. Delving into a hole in the side of a barrow mound, the party found an extensive tomb. Heading through a trapped room (injuring Naveen) the group quickly vanquished two groups of skeletons, overwhelming them with the divine might of Groetus. In the final room they found a cairn wight armed with a mimic sword. The group prevailed and Kale Sue walked away with a +2 fey bane longsword, much to her delight.



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