Lead Into Horses

The Fall of the Stag Lord

30th Gozran 4710 Impersonating alcohol merchants, the party bluffed their way into the Stag Lord’s Fort. Dovan, a dark haired, tattooed rake, decided he didn’t like the look of them and led the charge. The battle escalated, drawing in a number of bandits, including Falgrim Sneeg and a large, dim-witted fellow called Auchs. Midway through the battle one of the remaining bandits managed to release the owlbear held captive in an inner room before he was taken down. Naveen and a mysterious swordsman collaborated to bring down the beast. The swordsman, Akiros Ismort, had seen in the party an opportunity to free himself from the Stag Lord and consequently turned on his former allies. Eventually the Stag Lord stumbled drunkenly out to confront the adventurers. Amazed that a man that drunk was still conscious, the party quickly jumped on the defensive. A long battle eventually ended with the demise of the bandit leader. The group, aided by Auchs and Akiros, quickly looted the fort, secured the unconscious Sneeg for transport and uncovered the entrance to the basement, which housed a decrepit old man, who refused to talk to anyone, instead wildshaping into a wolverine and growling. The group decided to leave him be for the moment.
Setting off back toward Oleg’s, the party took a short detour to Nettle’s Crossing to appease the undead keeper by presenting him with the body of the Stag Lord. Satisfied, the creature was finally able to rest and the party recovered his magic ranseur from the river.
1st Desnus 4710 The party arrived back at the trading post and turned Sneeg over to a grateful Kesten Garess. The remainder of the day was spent resting and discussing fashion with Gerald.
2nd-4th Desnus 4710 The party set out to deliver the Stag Lord and their completed map to the officials in Restov. Impressed with their success, the mayor rewarded the party and issued them a new charter, opening up the entire Greenbelt for exploration and colonization and granting the party the right to rule.



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