Lead Into Horses

The Gophers of Podunk Vale

25th Pharast 4710 Party fought and killed the werewolf quite quickly thanks to a highly successful colour spray from Phin. After returning to camp and having a quick nap, the group set out to head back to Oleg’s. On the trail they ran into Casey, an old aquaintance of Phin and Kale-Sue. He and his horse Sunshine joined them on their travels for the next little while. The group spent most of the rest of the day returning to Oleg’s. Once there, they were able to convince Kesten Garess to take Edward on as a trainee guard as part of his servitude and Svetlana agreed to take Gerald under her wing in order to teach him to sew. Kesten Garess asked for the group’s help in locating Falgrim Sneeg, a traitorous former companion. The PCs agreed to keep an eye out for the Varisian. Naveen picked up his special-order cold-iron kama and placed an order for silver one which will be available on 2nd Gozran 4710.
26th Pharast 4710 (J)Trekking back through Dragabode the group encountered what appeared to be another will o’ wisp, which they refused to face, riding away as fast as they could. Once clear, they set to work locating the Temple of the Elk, an abandoned temple to Erastil that Jhod Kavken had asked them locate and clear and whose general location they had from Tyg and Pervalish. Casey and Naveen spotted the entrance to the clearing and the group wandered in, loudly speculating about the state, and sanctity, of the temple. The Bear Guardian rushed out, enraged by the sound of their voices, to attack them. After a short battle, the bear dropped, turning first into a relieved looking old man and then crumbling to dust. At this, the temple brightened and the previously stagnant reflecting pool cleared and took on a minor healing quality (temporarily). Happy with their progress they finished exploring the hex, naming it Erastil’s Rest. The night passed uneventfully.
27th Pharast 4710 Casey went on his way, promising to see the group again. The remainder of the group continued to the next hex.



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