Lead Into Horses

Undead, Kobolds and Tatzylwyrms

8th Gozran 4710 (S) Came across the remains of a toll bridge crossing the Shrike River. Upon arrival they were approached by an unusual undead who did not attack them but instead entreated them to bring it the body of Stag Lord. The party agreed and the undead left. Named hex Nettle’s Crossing
9th Gozran 4710 Uneventful hex named Hopeful Hills.
10th Gozran 4710 (Y) Finally arrived at the Sootscale Caverns. Met Nakpik at the entrance. He brought them to Chief Sootscale. Returned statue to the Chief who led the entire tribe and the humans to destroy the usurper, Tartuk. Catching him off guard, they dispatched him quickly. The kobolds celebrated with a big party and an alliance was struck with the Chief. Among the spoils awarded to them was Svetlana’s wedding ring. Hex named Oaktop Silver Mine.
11th Gozran 4710 (X) Uneventful hex containing a convenient river crossing where the Thorn and Shrike Rivers meet. Hex named Forked Ford.
12th Gozran 4710 (
) Found the fangberries Bokken asked them for. Collected enough for him and enough for Phin to experiment with. Area infested with a swarm of red spiders which were quickly dealt with. Hex named Red Fang’s Refuge.
13th Gozran 4710 (
) Came across a brush thylacine in pit trap. Were able to calm it down enough to rescue it. Rather than release it, the party is training it to act as a mount for Sizzle. Hex named Mount Sizzle.
14th Gozran 4710 (
) Ambushed a pair of tatzylwyrms in their river nest. Frightened one off temporarily, killed the other. Lay i wait for the second to return and dispatched it also. Preserved a head for return to Oleg. Hex named Wyrm Bend.



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