Lead Into Horses

Under the Old Sycamore

5th Gozran 4710 (Q)Proceeding to the next hex, the party came to a gulch through which the Thorn River ran, spanned by an old, weathered, rickety bridge. After much examination and experimentation the decision was made to spend the rest of the day on the near side of the bridge in order for Gieppe to prepare some spells to assist in the reapir of the bridge. The party settled in for a day off, their first in many weeks. Phin and Gieppe spent some time trading magical knowledge. Kale-Sue hunted down an elk and roasted it to near perfection with the leftover boar. Naveen spent the day working with Steve and Lars. The night passed uneventfully.

6th Gozran 4710 The next morning Gieppe cast a pair of spells that greatly increased the stability of the bridge and the party crossed without incident. They spent the rest of the day completing their explorations of this hex, naming it Magic Gulch. Again, the night passed quietly.

7th Gozran 4710 (R) Continuing their eastward trek, the party came into view of the Old Sycamore, known to be the home of the evil mites. Delighted to be finally be approaching her sworn enemy, Kale-Sue gleefully urged the party into attacking the lair, despite it being sized for much smaller creatures. Leaving Steve and Lars with the horses outside, the group descended into the fetid hole. Making short work of all resistance, the heroes worked their way through the entire complex, leaving no mite or vermin alive in their wake eventually recovering the lost kobold idol, Old Sharptooth. They rescued a kobold, Mikmek, the mites had been torturing and he encouraged them to return the idol to Chief Sootscale instead of the evil shaman, Tartuk. Before leaving, the party made a concerted effort to clean up the damage caused to the roots of the sycamore by the vermin activity and magically heal the tree, as well as closing off the entrance to the lair to prevent any further damage. The remains of the day were spent finishing the exploration of this hex, to be named ??. Towards the end of Phin’s watch that night a trio of wild boars came to investigate the campfire.



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