Lead Into Horses

Unicorn! It's What's For Dinner!

15th Gozran 4710 (T) The party moved into the last unexplored hex on their charter. They discovered a murky pond with the remains of a unicorn, with its horn removed, half submerged in it. After extensive investigations they were able to determine that the horn was removed after death, that the unicorn was blind at the time of its death and that it was likely killed by some form of death magic. After further debate, Phin, Kale Sue and Sizzle all ate purified unicorn meat, with much speculation on its possible effects. Named hex Feast of the Unicorn.
16th Gozran 4710 The group began their trek back to Oleg’s, stopping for the night near the boggard’s lair at O. During Phin’s watch, he overheard Lars attempting to sneak out of camp. Phin was able to convince him that it would be a bad idea to leave. Kale Sue was informed of the situation when she came on watch. Lars tried a second time, at which point Kale Sue woke the rest of the party and they were forced to kill Lars.
17th Gozran 4710 They ran into and defeated yet another grizzly bear on the last leg of their trip back to Oleg’s.
18th-26th Gozran 4710 The party spent a week at the trading post getting caught up on gossip, gathering mail and rewards, shopping and discussing plans. They received a charter from Restov giving them permission to go beyond the bounds of their previous charter in order to track down and deal with the Stag Lord, leader of the local bandits.
26th-29th Gozran 47108 The group departed south toward the Stag Lord’s fort. Along the way they uncovered a gold mine at the Radiant Rocks and met a fairy dragon who was dismayed to hear of the death of the local unicorn. Phin continued to refuse to believe that fairy dragons are not imaginary, despite even more evidence to the contrary. They camped for the night before crossing into the southern Greenbelt.



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