Lead Into Horses

When We Last Left Our Heroes...

(Apologies for the massive post, new job messed up my schedule and I got behind -JB)

Desnus 4710
*Founded Friedland
*Installed Leaders
*Founded the town of Fort Copperpot at Oleg’s
*Quelled bandit activity

Sarenith 4710
*Expansion continues
*Increased taxes and promotion
*Steve, Edward, and Gerald are released from their indentured servitude and become useful members of society

Erastus 4710
*Expansion continues

Arodus 4710
*Expansion continues
*A group of red kobolds move into Moonglade to farm radishes

Rova 4710
*Expansion continues

Lamashan 4710
*Expansion continues
*Economic Boom

Neth 4710
*Expansion continues

Kuthona 4710
*Expansion continues
*Public Scandal (quashed before it became a problem)

Abadius 4711
*Expansion continues
*Sensational Crime (city guard quelled)

Calistril 4711
*Expansion continues
*Founded the town of Bella Fleur at Temple of the Elk

Pharast 4711
*Expansion continues
*Food Surplus

Gozran 4711
*Expansion continues

6th Desnus 4711 (Founder’s Day) A festival was held throughout Friedland in honour of the 1 year anniversary of the kingdom’s founding. There was much rejoicing.

7th Desnus 4711 The party returned to the Stag Lord’s Fort and cleared the surrounding area of a zombie infestation.

8th Desnus 4711 Continuing west, the group encountered an expedition of gnomes whose wagon was stuck in the middle of a river after an ambush. However after lending assistance, relations went quickly downhill due to the party’s strong allegiances with kobolds. The two groups agreed to go their separate ways with the gnomes continuing their explorations to the east and the PCs heading west.

9th Desnus 4711 The group caught up to the remaining kobolds who had ambushed the gnomes the previous day. The three green reptiles were very impressed by Sizzle and agreed to lend their services to Jhod Kavken at his temple at Bella Fleur. Completing their explorations of this area the adventurers came across a tense standoff between a nixie and some loggers. After some initial hostility on all parts, the situation was calmed and diffused with the loggers agreeing to head north into the forests of Friedland and the nixie demanding compensation for the trees that had been felled. Unsure how to grant such a request the party tentatively agreed and left.

10th Desnus 4711 Continuing west, the group encountered a beleaguered dryad who begged them to deal with a dangerous carnivorous tree that was threatening her home, in return for a number of feather tokens. The group agreed to investigate but were unsure if the reward was worth the trouble.

11th Desnus 4711 The most interesting thing to happen this day, apart from the half dozen wolves that attacked the camp after dark, was that Jo’s multiple personalities manifested in a woman who proved to likely be his own possibly-deceased mother.

12th Desnus 4711 Proceeding southeast, the group came across a keep that had long since fallen into disrepair. Intrigued by the large central tower, they headed straight in. After triggering a gas trap in the main room, they mounted the spiral stairs to the top floor only to come face to face with a baobahn sith, an evil female fey capable of entrancing enemies with her dancing. After a long difficult battle that saw every member of the party dazed at some point, the group emerged victorious.



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