Kesten Garess


-guard captain at Oleg’s Trading Post
-tasked the PCs with retrieving Kesten Garess, dead or alive.


Kesten is a member of one of Brevoy’s noble houses in name only. You recall the scandal when an affair between Kesten and a lowborn woman named Tania, a weaver’s daughter,became public knowledge.His father Evan, a cousin of the Garess family patriarch, disowned Kesten, who fled to Restov to serve as a mercenary. He volunteered to lead the small group of soldiers to help guard Oleg’s Trading Post after his own depression and shame grew too much to handle. Kesten hopes to either make a name for himself as the defender of a remote fort, or to find an honorable death among the bandits and other dangers in the region.

Kesten Garess

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