Gieppe du Faut

Cleric of Carpe Diem


Cleric (Groetus) 6 / Wiz (Div) 1


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Gieppe Pierre Joseph duFaut was born on Rova 16, 4660 to Annelise Margot duFaut and Jean Pierre Marc duFaut in the city of Isarn. He had two older siblings, an older brother, Michel, born in 4655, and an older sister, Marie, born in 4658. Gieppe’s remembrances of his family are hazy, but believes his brother and sister to have been spoiled and greedy, his mother to be kind and wonderful, and his father to be a man respectable and powerful. At the time, he saw them through the frosted glass of childhood, and events to come would shake the foundations of his soul, leaving no mercy for his memory.

Jean was a member of Queen Abrogail’s court when the revolution occurred, and the duFauts were among the first to fall to the final blades. Gieppe had been being groomed for the priesthood (of Shelyn), and was living for a brief time in one of their temples when his family was found “guilty” of treason. The true horror of the bloody revolution had yet to take hold on the populace, and he found himself stopping by the place of execution on the way home to bring a gift to his mother. Too young to fully comprehend what was happnening, the only thing that saved him from protesting his family’s innocence and joining them on Madame Margaery’s platform was an elderly maid of the family who had recognized him immediately. Hushing his cries as he watched those dear to him spill their blood and final moments to a cheering crowd, she hustled him away, back to the temple, where he drew in on himself trying to recover.

Always a smart and precocious child, he had heard rumours of magics to raise the dead, and spent all his time and energy for the next few years dedicating himself to researching these, as well as the final blades. Coming upon a mention in one of his research texts of the nature of the blades and realizing his efforts were in vain, his mind snapped for good, and the next few decades are lost in a fog.

He has but snatches of memories from those times; the face of a madman drooling about the end of the world, a moon with a skull inside, blood, vomit, urine… pain.

As if awaking from a long slumber, the Gieppe of now still has not shaken off his dreams. He knows that his past contains answers, but it also contains agony and loss and he rejects it, unconsciously choosing to remember nothing. Living as himself gives him too much time to ponder these things, and he defensively draws imagination about him as armour, living as a different person each day.

Travelling with the people he does reminds him in a way of living with a family, and strains his already fragile mind… already he remembers some of his family when not himself, and who can know what further harm or healing may be done by stressing him yet further…

Gieppe du Faut

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