Lead Into Horses

Shambler-wood Smoked Boar

19th Pharast 4710 (continued): Defeated shambling mound, with much running and shooting. Named hex AEmber Mound
20th Pharast 4710: (H) Continued west. Encountered a family of boars (x2 adults, x2 piglets). Hunted down and slew the adults, rounded up and captured the piglets. Chased piglets into the vicinity of the lair of a giant trapdoor spider. Defeated and looted the spider, finding a crude map on the body of a bandit. Kale-Sue Copperpot roasted one of the boars over a fire made from the wood of the deceased shambling mound. It was delicious. Named hex Gossamer Hollow
21st Pharast 4710: (M) Continued southwest. Recognized tree from the spider-nest map. Upon approaching, found a hunter named Vargas. Spoke with him for a while, unintentionally scared him off. Dug under tree, uncovered cache, which included a spellbook and a magic stick. Named the hex Stumpclaw Hill
22nd Pharast 4710: Explored the barren hex to the east. Named it Peaceful Plains

Story So Far (Timeline)


25th Calistril 4710 (Oathday): Received charter to explore the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands from Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius of the Free City of Restov. Convinced Syd the Ostler to “donate” 3 horses in exchange for a number of performances, some magical mending and some free advertising.
26th Calistril 4710 (Fireday): Travelled west from Restov.
27th Calistril 4710 (Starday): Entered Greenbelt Region, explored 1 hex, marking it Gopherville.
28th Calistril 4710 (Sunday): Explored 2nd hex, made camp on top of a boar’s nest, killed 2 boars, named the hex Bacon Point
29th Calistril 4710 (Moonday): Explored 3rd hex, marking it as Gopher Hollow, Naveen nearly got bitten by a gopher. Arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post after sunset. 
30th Calistril 4710 (Toilday): Discussed bandit problems with Oleg & Svetlana, started formulating plans for the next day.
1st Pharast 4710 (Wealday): Just after sunrise, ambushed the bandits as they entered Oleg’s. Defeated and interrogated them. 3 found to be unrepentant and were executed. Fred the horse boy surrendered, agreeing to 100 days indentured servitude (ending 10th Sarenith 4710). Set out immediately for Thorn River Camp, arriving after dark. Camped and scouted till morning.
2nd Pharast 4710 (Oathday): Set up ambush for bandits leaving camp, killed 2 bandits and learned numbers remaining at camp. Debating going in now while numbers are lower.(End of session) Attacked Thorn River Camp. Shot down one bandit and grapple, pugwampi, colour spray-ed Kressle to death. Remaining 3 bandits fled south. Looted camp, uncovering Oleg’s stolen stock, but not the wedding ring (most likely stolen by mites). Returned to Oleg’s with loot. Met Kesten Garess and his guards as well as Jhod Kavken, Cleric of Erastil. Svetlana asked them to find some moon radishes for soup, Jhod told them of his vision of an overgrown temple guarded by an angry bear, saw job postings for a tatzylwyrm head, Tuskgutter the giant boar, bandits (completed) and kobold negotiations.
3rd Pharast 4710 (Fireday): rested at Oleg’s
4th Pharast 4710 (Starday): (A) Explored hex surrounding Oleg’s, named Fort Grumpypants.
5th Pharast 4710 (Sunday): Explored yet to be named hex, heard roaring in the distance. (End of session) Found grizzly bear harassing Pervalish (a faeire dragon) and Tyg (a grig), killed bear, befriended fey. Friendly Field
6th Pharast 4710: Herd of elk avoided. Antler Point
7th Pharast 4710: Explored another hex. Steve’s Beginning
8th Pharast 4710: Explored another hex. Lured a giant whiptail centipede out of its lair and killed it. Late night encounter with a solitary tatzylwyrm avoided. Centipede Narrows
9th Pharast 4710: (B) Found cairn, exhumed body, took ring of swimming. Late night encounter with x4 bandits (killed x3 and Lars surrendered for 100 days of indentured servitude, to end 18th Sarenith 4710). Barbarian’s Rest
10th Pharast 4710: Explored another hex. Lars’s Redemption
11th Pharast 4710:  (C) Heard rustling in the bushes (End of session) Avoided brush thylacine. Explored trapped hex, found x5 traps. Tiger Wood
12th Pharast 4710: explored hex with dead trapper (E), encountered x2 grigs Comeuppance
13th Pharast 4710: (F) explored, found the fey’s nest’s. Dragabode
14th Pharast 4710: (G) explored, found and harvested moon radishes, met the kobolds there, including Nakpik, who told them about the war with the mites, Tartuk and Old Sharptooth. Moon Glade
15th Pharast 4710: return to Oleg’s, sell some loot, buy some gear, return the radishes, pick up reward for Bandit Poster. Naveen ordered a cold iron kama (to arrive 22nd Pharast 4710)
16th Pharast 4710: Explored another hex. Jackrabbit Junction
17th Pharast 4710: (D) Met Bokken, who asked them to get some fangberries from the Fangberry Patch for him. Explored hex. Bokken Point
18th Pharast 4710: Explored another hex. Veri Plain 
19th Pharast 4710: Explored as yet unnamed hex, uneventful day, first watch (Phin) encounters a shambling mound (for the beginning of next session)


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