Lead Into Horses

Last Time On...

14th Desnus 4711 The group sought out and destroyed the malicious scythe tree that had been plaguing the southern forests.

15th Desnus 4711 They returned to the Grove of Tiressia to report on the death of the scythe tree. The dryad was delighted in their success and agreed to attempt to rehabilitate the crazy old man from the basement of the Stag Lord’s Fort. Later that day they returned to the pool of the nixie, Melianse, and replaced a number of the felled trees using the feather tokens obtained from Tiressia.

16th Desnus 4711 Continuing east, they came across a hermit living in a hollowed out oak tree with a cougar. Kale Sue decided to attempt to speak directly to the cat and quickly found out that the hermit was not in his right mind and intended to kill the party, as he had done to many others in the past. THe group took action and quickly subdued the old man. After some questioning, they discovered that this hermit may have a connection to Bokken. Unsure of how to tell with the hermit, they decided to bring the man to Bokken to find out more.

17th Desnus 4711 This day was spent transporting old men. First, the group received the druid form the Stag Lord’s Fort and delivered him to Tiressia. They had to keep him unconscious as the sight of the sky seemed to terrify him. The remainder of the day was spent in transporting the mad hermit to Bokken’s Hut. Bokken was visibly shaken by the sight of the hermit and tearfully told the party of the ills he and his mother had faced at the hands of the hermit, his brother. Moved by the tale, the group agreed to end both men’s suffering and execute the hermit for his crimes. Naveen distracted Jo from the execution, fearing that witnessing the act would further damage the cleric’s psyche.

18th Desnus 4711 Exhausted by their recent exploits, the party decided to return to their fledgling kingdom for some much needed rest. Unfortunately, rest would not come easily because upon returning to Fort Copperpot, they were informed of a number of recent, suspicious deaths. Investigations lead them to believe a werewolf was responsible. Fearing further attacks, the group quickly prepared for that night. After some tracking, they were able to find the culprit, a recently infected lycanthrope called Kundal. They were able to subdue him and the next morning were able to speak with him. They have decided to attempt cure him but currently lack both the supplies and the expertise. With the mystery solved, the group settled in for some kingdom building.

Desnus 4711 Built a jail/sanitorium at Fort Copperpot. Erected a Monument at Bella Fleur. Quelled a feud amongst the populace. Expanded their borders into the southern reaches of the Greenbelt.

Sarenith 4711 Built x2 Monuments at Bella Fleur. Withdrew money from the budget. Expanded borders further south.

Erastus 4711 Began construction on a Castle at the Stag Lord’s Fort with the intention of establishing a capital city to be named Endeavour there. Built a shrine to Groetus at Bella Fleur. Overall, a highly successful month (Outstanding Success).

19th Erastus 4711 Travelling east from their newly established capital city, the leaders encountered a warg heading up a pack of wolves. The party was triumphant and suspect that they have now put down a local menace called Howl-of-the-North-Wind.

20th Erastus 4711 Pushing yet further east, the group came to the area shown on the map they found in the tree home of the mad hermit. Delving into a hole in the side of a barrow mound, the party found an extensive tomb. Heading through a trapped room (injuring Naveen) the group quickly vanquished two groups of skeletons, overwhelming them with the divine might of Groetus. In the final room they found a cairn wight armed with a mimic sword. The group prevailed and Kale Sue walked away with a +2 fey bane longsword, much to her delight.

Back Downstairs

12th Desnus 4711 continued After looting the chambers of the Dancing Lady, the party headed back down to the main courtyard. They systematically investigated and cleared out the remaining towers, encountering first, a grimstalker and his pet assassin vine; second, a quickling rogue and lastly a pair of rat swarms. The group spent the night in the courtyard.

13th Desnus 4711 This day was spent shoring up the tower’s defences and clearing out some of the underbrush.

When We Last Left Our Heroes...

(Apologies for the massive post, new job messed up my schedule and I got behind -JB)

Desnus 4710
*Founded Friedland
*Installed Leaders
*Founded the town of Fort Copperpot at Oleg’s
*Quelled bandit activity

Sarenith 4710
*Expansion continues
*Increased taxes and promotion
*Steve, Edward, and Gerald are released from their indentured servitude and become useful members of society

Erastus 4710
*Expansion continues

Arodus 4710
*Expansion continues
*A group of red kobolds move into Moonglade to farm radishes

Rova 4710
*Expansion continues

Lamashan 4710
*Expansion continues
*Economic Boom

Neth 4710
*Expansion continues

Kuthona 4710
*Expansion continues
*Public Scandal (quashed before it became a problem)

Abadius 4711
*Expansion continues
*Sensational Crime (city guard quelled)

Calistril 4711
*Expansion continues
*Founded the town of Bella Fleur at Temple of the Elk

Pharast 4711
*Expansion continues
*Food Surplus

Gozran 4711
*Expansion continues

6th Desnus 4711 (Founder’s Day) A festival was held throughout Friedland in honour of the 1 year anniversary of the kingdom’s founding. There was much rejoicing.

7th Desnus 4711 The party returned to the Stag Lord’s Fort and cleared the surrounding area of a zombie infestation.

8th Desnus 4711 Continuing west, the group encountered an expedition of gnomes whose wagon was stuck in the middle of a river after an ambush. However after lending assistance, relations went quickly downhill due to the party’s strong allegiances with kobolds. The two groups agreed to go their separate ways with the gnomes continuing their explorations to the east and the PCs heading west.

9th Desnus 4711 The group caught up to the remaining kobolds who had ambushed the gnomes the previous day. The three green reptiles were very impressed by Sizzle and agreed to lend their services to Jhod Kavken at his temple at Bella Fleur. Completing their explorations of this area the adventurers came across a tense standoff between a nixie and some loggers. After some initial hostility on all parts, the situation was calmed and diffused with the loggers agreeing to head north into the forests of Friedland and the nixie demanding compensation for the trees that had been felled. Unsure how to grant such a request the party tentatively agreed and left.

10th Desnus 4711 Continuing west, the group encountered a beleaguered dryad who begged them to deal with a dangerous carnivorous tree that was threatening her home, in return for a number of feather tokens. The group agreed to investigate but were unsure if the reward was worth the trouble.

11th Desnus 4711 The most interesting thing to happen this day, apart from the half dozen wolves that attacked the camp after dark, was that Jo’s multiple personalities manifested in a woman who proved to likely be his own possibly-deceased mother.

12th Desnus 4711 Proceeding southeast, the group came across a keep that had long since fallen into disrepair. Intrigued by the large central tower, they headed straight in. After triggering a gas trap in the main room, they mounted the spiral stairs to the top floor only to come face to face with a baobahn sith, an evil female fey capable of entrancing enemies with her dancing. After a long difficult battle that saw every member of the party dazed at some point, the group emerged victorious.

The Fall of the Stag Lord

30th Gozran 4710 Impersonating alcohol merchants, the party bluffed their way into the Stag Lord’s Fort. Dovan, a dark haired, tattooed rake, decided he didn’t like the look of them and led the charge. The battle escalated, drawing in a number of bandits, including Falgrim Sneeg and a large, dim-witted fellow called Auchs. Midway through the battle one of the remaining bandits managed to release the owlbear held captive in an inner room before he was taken down. Naveen and a mysterious swordsman collaborated to bring down the beast. The swordsman, Akiros Ismort, had seen in the party an opportunity to free himself from the Stag Lord and consequently turned on his former allies. Eventually the Stag Lord stumbled drunkenly out to confront the adventurers. Amazed that a man that drunk was still conscious, the party quickly jumped on the defensive. A long battle eventually ended with the demise of the bandit leader. The group, aided by Auchs and Akiros, quickly looted the fort, secured the unconscious Sneeg for transport and uncovered the entrance to the basement, which housed a decrepit old man, who refused to talk to anyone, instead wildshaping into a wolverine and growling. The group decided to leave him be for the moment.
Setting off back toward Oleg’s, the party took a short detour to Nettle’s Crossing to appease the undead keeper by presenting him with the body of the Stag Lord. Satisfied, the creature was finally able to rest and the party recovered his magic ranseur from the river.
1st Desnus 4710 The party arrived back at the trading post and turned Sneeg over to a grateful Kesten Garess. The remainder of the day was spent resting and discussing fashion with Gerald.
2nd-4th Desnus 4710 The party set out to deliver the Stag Lord and their completed map to the officials in Restov. Impressed with their success, the mayor rewarded the party and issued them a new charter, opening up the entire Greenbelt for exploration and colonization and granting the party the right to rule.

Unicorn! It's What's For Dinner!

15th Gozran 4710 (T) The party moved into the last unexplored hex on their charter. They discovered a murky pond with the remains of a unicorn, with its horn removed, half submerged in it. After extensive investigations they were able to determine that the horn was removed after death, that the unicorn was blind at the time of its death and that it was likely killed by some form of death magic. After further debate, Phin, Kale Sue and Sizzle all ate purified unicorn meat, with much speculation on its possible effects. Named hex Feast of the Unicorn.
16th Gozran 4710 The group began their trek back to Oleg’s, stopping for the night near the boggard’s lair at O. During Phin’s watch, he overheard Lars attempting to sneak out of camp. Phin was able to convince him that it would be a bad idea to leave. Kale Sue was informed of the situation when she came on watch. Lars tried a second time, at which point Kale Sue woke the rest of the party and they were forced to kill Lars.
17th Gozran 4710 They ran into and defeated yet another grizzly bear on the last leg of their trip back to Oleg’s.
18th-26th Gozran 4710 The party spent a week at the trading post getting caught up on gossip, gathering mail and rewards, shopping and discussing plans. They received a charter from Restov giving them permission to go beyond the bounds of their previous charter in order to track down and deal with the Stag Lord, leader of the local bandits.
26th-29th Gozran 47108 The group departed south toward the Stag Lord’s fort. Along the way they uncovered a gold mine at the Radiant Rocks and met a fairy dragon who was dismayed to hear of the death of the local unicorn. Phin continued to refuse to believe that fairy dragons are not imaginary, despite even more evidence to the contrary. They camped for the night before crossing into the southern Greenbelt.

Undead, Kobolds and Tatzylwyrms

8th Gozran 4710 (S) Came across the remains of a toll bridge crossing the Shrike River. Upon arrival they were approached by an unusual undead who did not attack them but instead entreated them to bring it the body of Stag Lord. The party agreed and the undead left. Named hex Nettle’s Crossing
9th Gozran 4710 Uneventful hex named Hopeful Hills.
10th Gozran 4710 (Y) Finally arrived at the Sootscale Caverns. Met Nakpik at the entrance. He brought them to Chief Sootscale. Returned statue to the Chief who led the entire tribe and the humans to destroy the usurper, Tartuk. Catching him off guard, they dispatched him quickly. The kobolds celebrated with a big party and an alliance was struck with the Chief. Among the spoils awarded to them was Svetlana’s wedding ring. Hex named Oaktop Silver Mine.
11th Gozran 4710 (X) Uneventful hex containing a convenient river crossing where the Thorn and Shrike Rivers meet. Hex named Forked Ford.
12th Gozran 4710 (
) Found the fangberries Bokken asked them for. Collected enough for him and enough for Phin to experiment with. Area infested with a swarm of red spiders which were quickly dealt with. Hex named Red Fang’s Refuge.
13th Gozran 4710 (
) Came across a brush thylacine in pit trap. Were able to calm it down enough to rescue it. Rather than release it, the party is training it to act as a mount for Sizzle. Hex named Mount Sizzle.
14th Gozran 4710 (
) Ambushed a pair of tatzylwyrms in their river nest. Frightened one off temporarily, killed the other. Lay i wait for the second to return and dispatched it also. Preserved a head for return to Oleg. Hex named Wyrm Bend.

Under the Old Sycamore

5th Gozran 4710 (Q)Proceeding to the next hex, the party came to a gulch through which the Thorn River ran, spanned by an old, weathered, rickety bridge. After much examination and experimentation the decision was made to spend the rest of the day on the near side of the bridge in order for Gieppe to prepare some spells to assist in the reapir of the bridge. The party settled in for a day off, their first in many weeks. Phin and Gieppe spent some time trading magical knowledge. Kale-Sue hunted down an elk and roasted it to near perfection with the leftover boar. Naveen spent the day working with Steve and Lars. The night passed uneventfully.

6th Gozran 4710 The next morning Gieppe cast a pair of spells that greatly increased the stability of the bridge and the party crossed without incident. They spent the rest of the day completing their explorations of this hex, naming it Magic Gulch. Again, the night passed quietly.

7th Gozran 4710 (R) Continuing their eastward trek, the party came into view of the Old Sycamore, known to be the home of the evil mites. Delighted to be finally be approaching her sworn enemy, Kale-Sue gleefully urged the party into attacking the lair, despite it being sized for much smaller creatures. Leaving Steve and Lars with the horses outside, the group descended into the fetid hole. Making short work of all resistance, the heroes worked their way through the entire complex, leaving no mite or vermin alive in their wake eventually recovering the lost kobold idol, Old Sharptooth. They rescued a kobold, Mikmek, the mites had been torturing and he encouraged them to return the idol to Chief Sootscale instead of the evil shaman, Tartuk. Before leaving, the party made a concerted effort to clean up the damage caused to the roots of the sycamore by the vermin activity and magically heal the tree, as well as closing off the entrance to the lair to prevent any further damage. The remains of the day were spent finishing the exploration of this hex, to be named ??. Towards the end of Phin’s watch that night a trio of wild boars came to investigate the campfire.

Frogs, Slurks, Bears and Boars

27th Pharast 4710 (I) Parting ways with Casey the party continued onto the next hex. Working on information given to them by Tyg and Pervalish, they went looking for the hot springs at the source of the Skunk River. Following the river north, they encountered a hunter named Conrad whom they entertained, and disturbed, with tales of Mee Maw Copperpot’s ideas about fertility and hot springs. After Conrad’s abrupt departure, the group continued on to the hot springs where they were set upon by a pair of giant frogs, which were quickly defeated. One was cooked and eaten for lunch and the other was tied up and kept unconscious. Kale-Sue was convinced she could tame the amphibian but was unsuccessful in her first attempt. The remainder of the day passed uneventfully, with much hot water relaxation. Hex was named Knee-Deep Spring.
28th Pharast 4710 Empty plains hex. Named Rabbit Hat.
29th Pharast 4710 Empty plains hex. Named Gossamer Hare.
30th Pharast 4710 Empty plains hex. Named Abundant Plain.
1st Gozran 4710 Empty forest hex. Named Good Copse.
2nd Gozran 4710 (N) In exploring the next forest hex, the party came across an ancient statue of Erastil, which felt a bit like home to Kale-Sue. After sprucing the place up a bit, they settled in for the night. Throughout the night a wolf was heard to howl nearby but it didn’t approach. Hex named Trapper’s Testament.
3rd Gozran 4710 (O) After a number of unsuccessful attempts to tame the giant frog, which all ended with Naveen knocking it back unconscious, Kale-Sue decided that was best if she set it free when they looped back around to the Skunk River. Further south down the river the group discovered a pair of ruined buildings. Upon further investigation Phin discovered a slurk who croaked and called over a boggard with a mangled hand, who spoke very broken Common and just wanted them to leave. They left the two of them alone, only returning to bring them breakfast the next morning. Named hex Fanged Beast Watery Ruins (in Celestial).
4th Gozran 4710 (P) The next forest hex proved to home to the notorious boar, Tuskgutter. After a tough battle they defeated the beast, roasted the meat and stowed to head to return for the reward. Later that night, a grizzly bear, attracted by the fire, lumbered into camp. After a long fight, Naveen hit it with a one-two combo straight to the temple and the bear dropped. Hex named Vekkel Benzen’s Revenge.

The Gophers of Podunk Vale

25th Pharast 4710 Party fought and killed the werewolf quite quickly thanks to a highly successful colour spray from Phin. After returning to camp and having a quick nap, the group set out to head back to Oleg’s. On the trail they ran into Casey, an old aquaintance of Phin and Kale-Sue. He and his horse Sunshine joined them on their travels for the next little while. The group spent most of the rest of the day returning to Oleg’s. Once there, they were able to convince Kesten Garess to take Edward on as a trainee guard as part of his servitude and Svetlana agreed to take Gerald under her wing in order to teach him to sew. Kesten Garess asked for the group’s help in locating Falgrim Sneeg, a traitorous former companion. The PCs agreed to keep an eye out for the Varisian. Naveen picked up his special-order cold-iron kama and placed an order for silver one which will be available on 2nd Gozran 4710.
26th Pharast 4710 (J)Trekking back through Dragabode the group encountered what appeared to be another will o’ wisp, which they refused to face, riding away as fast as they could. Once clear, they set to work locating the Temple of the Elk, an abandoned temple to Erastil that Jhod Kavken had asked them locate and clear and whose general location they had from Tyg and Pervalish. Casey and Naveen spotted the entrance to the clearing and the group wandered in, loudly speculating about the state, and sanctity, of the temple. The Bear Guardian rushed out, enraged by the sound of their voices, to attack them. After a short battle, the bear dropped, turning first into a relieved looking old man and then crumbling to dust. At this, the temple brightened and the previously stagnant reflecting pool cleared and took on a minor healing quality (temporarily). Happy with their progress they finished exploring the hex, naming it Erastil’s Rest. The night passed uneventfully.
27th Pharast 4710 Casey went on his way, promising to see the group again. The remainder of the group continued to the next hex.

Biscuits with Mr. Wisp

23 Pharast 4710: Travelled through Stumpclaw Hill to begin exploring hex to the west. Were led away from a rocky outcropping by what turned out to be a will o’wisp, who fought them for a while and then got bored. Finished exploring hex, naming it Radiant Rocks.
24 Pharast 4710: (K) Just before sunrise, a scrawny red kobold tried, poorly, to sneak into camp. She was greeted and welcomed by the cleric and the rest of the party. After repairing her clothing and feeding her, the group decided to call her Sizzle and she decided to tag along. Exploring the next hex to the west the group rediscovered the Bandit Camp (K). The camp had been re-inhabited by 4 bandits who, after a lengthy discussion, decided that they were unrepentant. In the resultant fight one was killed, one surrendered (Gerald), one was magically knocked unconscious (Edward, who surrendered upon regaining consciousness), and the fourth fled. Having gained two more indentured servants, the party ended their explorations for the day, naming the hex Shady Glade.
25 Pharast 4710: Again just before dawn, the party was awoken by some unnatural howling to the west. Gathering the troops, they set off to track down the source, discovering a werewolf. (To be continued next session)


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